Wikimania 2011 Submission

I have completed my slides for Wikimania 2011. This year conference is in Haifa/Israel, therefore I invested plenty of time to transfer my book into a real hypermedia Wiki. Hypermedia unites relted concepts of hypertext and hypervideo. But so far my contribution to Wikimania 2011 seems to be the onlyst concerning video and hypermedia at all.

Collaborative Hypervideo Authoring in Common Wikis Engines
Wikis are Web-based collaborative systems that allow users to create, share and interlink content. Existing wikis restrict users to edit and arrange text with other embedded media formats. Unfortunately moving pictures are handled as a whole without considering their temporal dimension. Their time-related composition and association with other parts of the wiki are withhold from the users influence. Thus, current wikis cannot be used to host or author rich dynamic and interactive hypervideos along with hypertext elements. In this presentation I introduce ViWiki, an approach for seamless and collaborative integration of interactive hypervideos into existing wiki environments. ViWiki combines the wiki metaphor with a direct manipulation user interface for hypervideo authoring and particular markup conventions. In a first use case we transfered a book about a German Concentration Camp into a wiki and added further hypervideo interviews with survivals and contemporary witnesses.

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