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Niles Seidel

name: dr. niels seidel
mail: niels [dot] seidel [at] nise81 [dot] com
location: dresden, germany

Niels Seidel studied computer science and multimedia at Ulm University. He got a PhD from Technischen Universität Dresden and is currently working as a PostDoc at the Chair of Cooperative Systems at the University of Hagen. As software engineer he has worked in several research and industry projects, and as a freelancer for government and design agencies. His research spans hypervideo, video-based learning environments, scripted collaboration, CSCW, CSCL, human computer interaction and design patterns, with a recent focus on educational data mining, adaptation, and data visualization.


Über diesen Blog: In diesem Blog reflektiere ich einen Teil meiner beruflichen Forschung zum Lernen mit Hypervideos. Daneben erscheinen regelmäßig Beiträge meiner privaten Forschung zu den Außenlagern des KZ Groß-Rosen, insbesondere den ehem. Lagern in Görlitz und Rennersdorf.
Außerdem schreibe ich gelegentlich Beiträge über gesellschaftliche Auswirkung von Informationstechnologie und netzpolitische Themen. Ferner finden sich hier einige ausgewählte Reiseberichte und Fotoserien der vergangenen Jahre.


3 thoughts to “Über nise81 …”

  1. Hi Niels,

    jetzt bin ich hier doch gerade drübergestolpert. Moderne Technologien. Da kann man ja von Dir noch richtig was lernen.
    Bist Du auch der Niels mit den KZs? Machst Du das so nebenher?

    Hoffe Dir geht es gut.

    Herzliche Grüße aus Ulm


  2. Hi Niels,

    Your Armantani roommate David here. I’m already back to Baltimore (the city where I go to school in), having restarted the painful daily life. You seem to have a lot more travels recently, judging from your website. It’s a pretty neat one as far as I can tell. Lots of crisp, National Geographic-quality pictures. The sad part for me I guess is I can’t decipher your text, which I assume would be thrilling as well. 🙂

    If you got plans to travel to the US east coast, let me know and we should surely meet up.

    I took some pictures in Peru, and they are at http://picasaweb.google.com/dvanguard. Your pictures are in the “Friends on the Road” album.

    Stay in touch,

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