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Niles Seidel

name: niels sei­del
mail: niels [dot] sei­del [at] nise81 [dot] com
lo­ca­tion: dres­den, germany

Niels Sei­del stu­died com­pu­ter sci­ence and mul­ti­me­dia at Ulm Uni­ver­sity. Cur­rently he is working as a re­se­arch as­so­ciate at  the In­ter­na­tio­nal In­sti­tute at the Tech­ni­schen Uni­ver­si­tät Dres­den. As soft­ware en­gi­neer he has worked in se­veral re­se­arch and in­dus­try pro­jects, and as a free­lan­cer for go­vern­ment and de­sign agen­cies. His re­se­arch spans hy­per­vi­deo, video-​​based learning en­viron­ments, CSCL, hu­man com­pu­ter in­ter­ac­tion and de­sign pat­terns, with re­cent in­te­rests in edu­ca­tio­nal data mi­ning, data vi­sua­liza­tion and scrip­ted cooperation.

Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion about mys­elf is spread across the web. At Men­de­ley you'll find my pu­bli­ca­ti­ons, while a list of talks can be found here. My pro­file at Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­si­tät is part of the Dok.Net portal.


Über die­sen Blog: In die­sem Blog re­flek­tiere ich ei­nen Teil mei­ner be­ruf­li­chen For­schung zum Ler­nen mit Hy­per­vi­deos. Da­ne­ben er­schei­nen re­gel­mä­ßig Bei­träge mei­ner pri­va­ten For­schung zu den Au­ßen­la­gern des KZ Groß-​​Rosen, ins­be­son­dere den ehem. La­gern in Gör­litz und Ren­ners­dorf.
Au­ßer­dem schreibe ich ge­le­gent­lich Bei­träge über ge­sell­schaft­li­che Aus­wir­kung von In­for­ma­ti­ons­tech­no­lo­gie und netz­po­li­ti­sche The­men. Fer­ner fin­den sich hier ei­nige Rei­se­be­richte und Fo­to­se­rien der letz­ten Jahre.


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  1. David Liu Says:

    Hi Niels,

    Your Ar­man­tani room­mate Da­vid here. I'm al­re­ady back to Bal­ti­more (the city where I go to school in), ha­ving re­star­ted the pain­ful daily life. You seem to have a lot more tra­vels re­cently, jud­ging from your web­site. It's a pretty neat one as far as I can tell. Lots of crisp, Na­tio­nal Geographic-​​quality pic­tures. The sad part for me I guess is I can't de­ci­pher your text, which I as­sume would be thril­ling as well. :-)

    If you got plans to tra­vel to the US east coast, let me know and we should su­rely meet up.

    I took some pic­tures in Peru, and they are at http://picasaweb.google.com/dvanguard. Your pic­tures are in the "Fri­ends on the Road" album.

    Stay in touch,

  2. Norbert Says:

    Hi Niels,

    jetzt bin ich hier doch ge­rade drü­ber­ge­stol­pert. Mo­derne Tech­no­lo­gien. Da kann man ja von Dir noch rich­tig was ler­nen.
    Bist Du auch der Niels mit den KZs? Machst Du das so nebenher?

    Hoffe Dir geht es gut.

    Herz­li­che Grüße aus Ulm


  3. Sabine Says:


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