This sec­tion is de­di­ca­ted to out­line pro­jects that I would like to see rea­li­zed ether by others or by mys­elf and the par­ti­ci­pa­tion of others. So ever­y­body with free re­sour­ces that sha­res some of the­ses vi­sion should con­tact me.

[tool] Re­claim | Re­build :: Mendeley

If you are among those re­se­ar­chers who can not live wi­t­hout Men­de­ley any more you should be sca­red about what would hap­pen if they would shout down their ser­vices. Li­te­ra­ture ma­nage­ment with Men­de­ley has be­come so im­port­ant that whole pro­jects de­pend on it. No­nethe­l­ess it might not ful­fill all your needs re­gar­ding or­ga­ni­zing, sharing, and working with sci­ence li­te­ra­ture. Both is­sues could be blown away by re­clai­ming all the data you've put into the Men­de­ley cloud. All you need is a re­build of the Men­de­ley Desk­top that is com­pa­ti­ble with the open sq­lite da­ta­base that it is cur­rently build on. The Men­de­ley API could be used for an in­itial down­load of ad­di­tio­nal data. Like dia­spora a dis­tri­bu­ted so­cial net­work could be build.

[book] Lo­nely Regions

Back­pa­ckers are very fa­mi­liar with the Lo­nely Pla­net guide books that are avail­able for al­most any coun­try in the world. Be­cause of the macro per­spec­tive many lo­cal and re­gio­nal pla­ces are get­ting ne­glec­ted by con­cen­tra­ting on wi­dely known spots such as big ci­ties, great na­tu­ral re­ser­ves, et ce­tera. Lo­nely Re­gion is go­ing in de­tail by cap­tu­ring tra­vel­lers need on a very lo­cal scale. Struc­ture and lay­out will be ad­op­ted from the fa­mous bro­ther but the con­tent will be con­tri­bu­ted by lo­cals and trans­la­ted into English to wi­den the au­di­ence. Fi­nally these guide book is meant as a se­rie of dif­fe­rent regions.

[tool] Maps: Time + Space + Semantics

I am loo­king for­ward to find a handy tool to vi­sua­lize data on maps by con­side­ring their tem­po­ral and se­man­tic as­pects. The user in­ter­face should in­clude time cons­traints as well as se­man­tic cons­traints by fil­te­ring lo­ca­ti­ons that are outs­ide of a selec­ted range. The data shold be stored in a por­ta­ble text­for­mat such as JSON. All that should be ea­sily pos­si­ble with jQuery UI, map­leave and some node.js ma­gic. Or is it still out there?

[book] Pat­tern Lan­guage on shrin­king Regions

In past de­ca­des many Eu­ro­pean re­gi­ons ex­pe­ri­en­ced a de­mo­gra­phic change cau­sed by disap­pearing in­dus­tries, eco­no­mic dra­w­backs, and chan­ges in life­style of (youn­ger) people. The con­se­quen­ces re­quire po­li­ti­cal and so­cial ac­tion. In some re­gi­ons in Eu­rope these ac­tions were suc­cess­ful while they are still unknown in other parts of the con­ti­nent. The at­tempt to do­cu­ment the core of these suc­cess­ful so­lu­ti­ons aims to com­mu­ni­cate ac­tions to over­come a down­ward spi­ral of shrin­king regions.

When thin­king about these is­sues I do have a par­ti­cu­lar re­gion in mind. Its the Up­per Lu­sa­tia that suf­fers from a deep brain drain and social-​​cultural chan­ges since the 1980.

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